Mocktail/Cocktail Kit


Select from three cocktail/mocktail boxes with different syrups.

Each box includes:

Pratt Standard 8 oz. Craft Cocktail Syrup (makes 8 drinks)
Fresh Citrus or Juice
Soda Water/Mixer
CHEERS Stir Stick
(3) Recipes (as shown in the photos)- Ingredients in box will make all three drinks!

DRINK OPTIONS: (2 cocktails, 1 mocktail- all can be modified to be mocktails)

Cran Orange Syrup: Paloma, Cran Orange Spritz, Cran Orange Soda
Ginger Syrup: Moscow Mule, Holiday Splash, Hot Toddy
Earl Grey Vanilla: Holiday Fizz, Evening London Fogg, Vanilla Tea Spritz
Tonic: Holiday Splash, Spiced Orange Margarita, Authentic Gin and Tonic
QR code for more recipes included on the card.

If you are buying this gift for a fun DIY virtual experience together, please note that boxes going to the west coast can take up to 8 days if you select ground shipping.