The Buoy Insulated Can Cooler


Safety first! When you’re out on the water, The Buoy is your bevy’s new BFF. Buoyant yet fashionable, this life jacket keeps your drink safe and cold while you have all the aquatic adventures. It even comes with cute buckles you can cinch down (or unbuckle if you’re in more of a “safety second” kind of mood). Fits all 12 oz cans well.

Features include: A premium liner that is durable and has a better feel than traditional koozies. A non-slip, rubber base for greater stability. Working buckles for easy access to the can. Acts as an actual floatation device for the beverage. Makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the pool, the beach, boating, floating, any water activity in general or as a kitschy party favor or host / hostess gift. Also, this koozie is a great addition to any summer celebration such as Memorial Day or the 4th of July. Cute, funny, playful and still extremely functional, it is sure to be a conversation starter every time.

Available in:  Party Pink or Key Lime Pie